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Thanks for stopping by.  Recognizing you have many choices when considering specialist m & a advisory firms to provide mergers and acquisitions advisory services  we wanted to take this opportunity to provide a more personal insight into why iMerge is different.  As you browse various firm’s websites you will note many similar menu items such as the type of firm, transaction pages with tombstones, bios of key personnel often with professional mugshots, white papers and perhaps testimonials.  Furthermore, references from these M & A advisory firms, including iMerge, will always be exemplary.  Lastly, with the entrenchment of social networks and various internet portals such as PE-Nexus and Axial Markets, most M&A firms are well connected to private equity institutions as well as other buyers.  So what differentiators should you think about when considering iMerge?ettings.


Mergers & Acquisitions

iMerge is a niche boutique specialist firm. This distinct advantage allows a much deeper understanding of the sector resulting in less time you spend on educating the advisor. This narrow focus allows the advisors to gain far more knowledge of the players in the vertical thereby creating stronger connections resulting in more lucrative exposure of your business.

Associates or Analysts

Work to support our managing directors behind the scenes. As an accepted client of iMerge you will never be handed off to an associate only to have a managing director step in when the odds of getting to a closed deal look promising. Far too much is lost in translation both tangible and intangible by having associates weave in and out of the process.

Selective Process

iMerge is extremely selective on who we take on for clients, we do not tell you what we think you want to hear just to land you as a client. Instead we take the time to learn more about your goals, objectives, your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) and then mutually make a determination if it makes sense to move forward.

Limited Engagements

As the Directors inch closer to our 50s, work/life balance has become more important. Over the past decade and beyond each of us has put in many long hours spread out over hundreds of clients and transactions. Today, with this balance we accept fewer engagements allowing us to both dedicate more time to each client as well as for our families and activities.
“iMerge’s team was exemplary in its hard work and dedication over a two year period to bring me and outstanding transaction.”
- Joe Vaccone

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