Over the years in gathering of the mind sessions business brokers will debate whether it is beneficial to represent all business types or specialize in a niche vertical.  The discussion hot buttons often come down to the expected role a business broker plays in deal making.  As always, with the best business brokers, they know its about you the client and managing your expectations.  So what are those expectations?  Do you, business owner, expect your business brokers to have a thorough understanding of the vertical or expect to just be guided through the process?  The best business brokers will always ask and manage your expectations well.  Business brokers, as a whole, expect to provide a service in which your business is expertly packaged and presented to qualified buyers, while managing negotiations and the process that follows, heading off common pitfalls to a successful closing.  With the rare exception, in which we will cover shortly, business brokers can rely on the information required to assemble the offer memorandum given to prospective buyers as more than adequate to begin selling your business.  Those brokers with years of transactional experience, will expertly move the deal along with a vetted qualified buyer through negotiations to closing. Whether it is a manufacturing facility or commercial service provider does not alter the process.  As mentioned, there are some sectors that are very different, one being internet based businesses.  Within the internet vertical itself there are hundreds if not thousands of business models with language and jargon all of its own.  The variance from brick and mortar business is quite large.  Some internet businesses consist of a few employees with computers who create millions in revenue.  If you have an internet business we recommend using our firm, internet business broker, iMergeAdvisors.  Other areas to consider utilizing a niche expert are within the medical and biotechnology arenas.  The complexity of regulations and not to mention the language and jargon would make it imperative to work with knowledgeable brokers within those fields.