Business owners who have reviewed top m&a advisor firms  ( m and a advisory firm) over the past few years as part of their exit planning will note the growing trend of the largest m&a advisory firms moving away from being generalists covering a wide range of business sectors to a more narrow niche focus on specific sectors.  It is noted that the largest m&a firms are taking two approaches to getting niche, either the generalist m&a firm is segregating its practice areas by the expertise of its current pool of m&a advisors or m&a firms as a whole are rebranding the firm for a specific niche focus.

In today’s fast-paced business climate, business owners themselves, recognize how in tune they must be to keep up with the constant changes.  Therefore when looking for a m&a advisor they prefer a m&a advisory firm that is already entrenched in the vertical and does not need to be brought up to speed on what the business is and who the players are.   M&A advisors, as experts who are familiar with sector ratios, percentages, trends, can readily position the business for sale as well as capture and defend higher valuations.

As a guide for owners that are exploring an exit or wish to start building that often times elusive exit plan with the guidance of an m&a advisory firm below are some of the top m&a advisors by common sectors.


For those in any part of the energy sector, Simmons & Company since 1974 has represented a wide range of energy businesses from the small privately held company to the some of the largest players in the industry.  Simmons & Company has expertly transacted hundreds of high value deals whether in a boom or bust economy.

Healthcare & Biotechnology

With more than 15 years of outstanding expert guidance and foresight, Leerink Swann, is the industry leading investment bank for the healthcare sector.  This niche focus on healthcare enables Leerink Swann to provide its clients financial expertise and sector insight enabling its clients to be well informed.

Internet, SaaS, Software & Technology

Top M&A Advisors, Founded in 2001, iMerge Advisors, is an independent, Seattle based, boutique m&a advisory firm which easily competes with the largest m&a firms. The firm is active across a range of advisory roles exclusively for the small to mid-market ($3 million and up) internet, Saas (cloud computing), software technology sectors including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, minority investments, divestitures, and distressed sales.


With nearly 60 years of experience and over two thousand successful transactions, Chapman Associates is your go-to m&a advisory firm for the transportation sector.  If you are looking to buy or sell a mid-market transportation sector business the experts at Chapman Associates will skillfully guide you to a successful outcome.

Manufacturing & Services

Although considered generalists, the m&a advisors at Woodbridge Group are highly sought after experts within the mid-market manufacturing and services sectors.  M&A specialists at Woodbridge have successfully closed nearly 500 deals, all highly acclaimed often with video testimonials from the owners themselves.

Its very likely that sector expertise will continue to be sought after in the future by business owners.  These owners recognize that the top m&a advisor and the corresponding m&a advisory firm is seeing the inner workings of many companies within the sector and while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality he/she can be a valuable ally in helping grow, position and exit what is likely the owner’s most valuable asset.

tech mergers

Complimentary Valuation & Financial Analysis

With over 20 years of experience iMerge is well positioned to provide you a Complimentary Valuation and Financial Analysis that buyers will use when acquiring your business. 

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