For companies operating online website or internet businesses, inbound link building has become a critical part of improving their position in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  While the effort can be substantial on the front end, the long-term ROI can be huge.  After all, how many think that PPC costs will go down over time????

And since our core business as a business broker and intermediary is helping owners sell a website, its worth mentioning that high SEO rankings are a great asset when negotiating the sale of an internet company!

While the specific search algorithms are locked up tighter than the recipe to coca cola it’s well known that quality inbound links are crucial.  The days of automating this process and using “link farms” is gone, the search companies quickly caught on to this practice and severely punish offenders.  Today, building links go hand in hand with creating content.

How to increase Inbound Links?

A recent article in practicle e-commerce outlined 5 things you can do to increase inbound links.  Follow the link to read the entire article.  :

1.  Write “how-to articles”
2.  Blog (learn to blog effectively)
3.  Post to Twitter
4.  Post to Facebook
5.  Use bookmarking sites

I would add to this list several suggestions.  One, this article is geared towards product sellers but publishing sites face the same challenges in terms of building traffic and the benefits of inbound links.

6.  Post in forums specific to your industry.  Answer questions providing links to your pages with
relevant information.
7.  Post in blogs that operate in the same field and are writing compelling content themselves.  You can create link backs that benefit both parties.

An important note

Post content that is relevant and offers some benefit to the reader.  If your postings offer nothing of substance but clearly only want to establish a link, the community will quickly pick up on this and the practice will backfire.  As mentioned, it can be a lot of work at first.  My advice would be to get organized, set aside some time each day to get this done.