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imerge advisors industry coverageSince 2001, iMerge Advisors has exclusively focused on the technology vertical. Whether you are an Internet business, software, SaaS or cloud computing technology solutions provider, our m&a advisor’s fingers are consistently on the pulse of these sectors, iMerge is able to keep up with the blistering speed at which change occurs.  This is incredibly important because for our clients the timing of an exit may need to coincide with reaching “peak technology”, a point in which the application is being chased by “geeks in the garage”.  Waiting too long without adapting allows new technology to nip at the heels and valuations will decline. iMerge Advisors dominate focus remains within the fast moving technology sectors as detailed in the iMerge IIndustryDiagram.  In the center of the diagram, we place all B2C/B2B businesses.  Whether you are selling products or services online or you are a solutions provider to these companies, iMerge has a thorough understanding of all the entities within the diagram. For over a decade, iMerge has successfully helped growing technology businesses recognize outstanding valuations in divestitures to both financial and strategic buyers.  Because of this experience, we know all of the intangible assets within this sector carry VA value that can be defended. To Speak With an M&A Advisor Please Complete the Confidential Form Above
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Complimentary Valuation & Financial Analysis

With over 20 years of experience iMerge is well positioned to provide you a Complimentary Valuation and Financial Analysis that buyers will use when acquiring your business. 

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