As recently reported in Internet Retailer, online sales grew at 14% [compared to Q2 2009] to a total volume of $39.7 billion. Moreover, online sales accounted for roughly 7.3% of total sales in categories they compete which is actually down slightly from 7.9% in Q1 of 2010.

Starting in Q3 of 2009, eCommerce has rebounded posting average double digit gains in each quarter. Experts seem to agree however, that without improvement on the employment front we could reverse course. There’s no question that a healthy middle class America is critical to continued prosperity of retail companies including those operating in eCommerce.

While I am often accused of being negative on the macro economy [ boatload of reasons] I am a huge believer in the continued growth of eCommerce. Sure growth rates will ebb and flow but I see an upward trend for sure. More and more people are shopping online, mobile commerce is entering the picture, and social media solutions allow companies operating online to actually offer a richer expereince today than their brick and mortar counterparts. Can you walk into a store today and quickly access consumer opinions, compare prices, and research alternatives? Granted that has pros and cons, but in terms of the aggregate sales, I see blue sky for internet commerce.  There is one hiccup area when it comes to putting your ecommerce business up for sale, if you wait until 2011, the capital gains taxes are going to be higher.  You can read more here on Tax Law Changes and Its Impact on Selling a Business.