Improve Online Sales

With the holiday shopping season kicking off, it’s important to make sure your eCommerce operation is in optimal condition to help capture the most sales. With that, we’ve put together a short list of things you can do or verify to make sure you are well positioned for a fruitful holiday season. And since our expertise as a software technology business broker is also helping clients sell their website businesses, its worth noting that a lousy holiday season can delay that sale in 2011 or potentially reduce the value of a website.

1) Make sure there are no SSL or other security warnings at checkout, this can scare customers off particularly from smaller sites with less brand awareness.

2) Produce a holiday gift guide to walk customers through and help them decide on what to buy.

3) Make sure you list clearly the last day to order to ensure arrival before Christmas.

4) Make intelligent use of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to for higher margin product.

5) Be careful of too much Flash on your site, with so many iPhones/iPads etc, out there, it could cost you sales.

6) If you have free shipping, advertise it front and center!

7) Feature a “top sellers” category, this helps capture undecided and tardy shoppers.

8) Check out the data on Google’s think holiday website for seeing what folks are searching for.

9) Test your site in all three major browsers and mobile if applicable.

10) Customer Service is crucial. Every year many begin their shopping online during the holiday season. Make the experience enjoyable and they’ll be back for sure.

With these things in mind, we wish everyone a fruitful start to the holiday season!