Our clients have often told us what a refreshing experience they have had in working with our m&a firm. We speak the language and have a thorough understanding of the Internet, Software, SaaS/Cloud and other technology business sectors. In fact, all of our advisors have owned and operated successful technology properties. This level of expertise allows us to understand our clients’ businesses and to effectively communicate to buyers the various selling and growth points.

Professionalism and integrity are simple baselines that are expected by clients throughout the mergers & acquisitions industry. It quickly becomes clear to our clients that our m&a advisory services are based solely on what is best for them and not what would benefit the firm’s bottom line. We have created a practice built on understanding our clients personal objectives and needs while guiding them through this intensive and sometimes emotional process.


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Mr Nate Clement

Partner iMerge Advisors Inc
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Before joining iMerge Advisors, Nate Clement worked as a financial analyst covering large and small cap public equities in software, communications, and oil services sectors for the investment division of a Fortune 500 insurance company. Prior to that he worked with startup internet company LatPro.com, a niche job board for bilingual MBA’s, and as an international project manager for a top 100 growth NASDAQ software and services company. He also acquired, started, restructured and managed several software and service companies across Asia. In addition to being a former Smokejumper with the US Forest Service, he is currently an avid sailor, runner, and competitive rower around the Pacific Northwest.