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Software business brokers

are an entity or firm that provide a service to help a software company business owner explore exit options.  Software business brokers can represent either the seller or buyer but not both.  The business broker will review financials, provide financial analysis, build a pitchbook to provide to qualified buyers, market the business, facilitate letters of intent and so on.  The software business broker is an extremely valuable advisor to have as a member of the team.

iMerge Advisors is a software business broker.
iMerge over the past thirteen years has become one of the most recognized business brokers worldwide for its successful M&A transactions exclusively within the technology sector.  As an m&a firm, iMerge has created billions in wealth for its clients.   All of iMerge Advisors software business brokers come from a technology background and have successfully completed several transactions as a technology software business broker specialists in mergers and acquisitions.