iMerge Advisors Inc., is not a registered bank, registered investment company, registered investment advisors or registered broker dealer.  iMerge’s focus is on providing strategic advice and consulting related to a Company’s strategic alternatives, including business growth opportunities, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, private placements, corporate and asset divestitures, strategic research and valuations to our clients who make the decisions.  We have no authority to and we do not independently negotiate, accept or reject the price or any other terms or conditions pertaining to any potential transaction between our clients and any third-party; nor, do we offer or give advice as to whether our client or any other party should buy or sell any particular security or Company.  We do help our clients develop and understand alternatives; we advisor on negotiating strategies, and we help our clients better understand terms, conditions and their implications.  While we do not make presentations on our clients behalf to prospective partners, buyers or investors, we do assist our clients in the development of those presentations.  We offer our clients the option of paying for our services in the form of a flat fee that is not based on performance. If it is deemed appropriate, we offer the option of paying for our services in the form of a flat fee (non-refundable retainer) combined with incentive-based compensation. – iMerge Advisors Inc.,

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