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8 Reasons You Should Sell Your Technology Business in 2018

Sell Technology Business in 2018 For Peak Multiples If you are thinking about selling your technology business, 2018 is the perfect year to take action. The current trends of rising interest rates, a market that strongly favors sellers, and peak valuations across all...

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Software M&A

Providing expert guidance for over 18 years in software m&a services.  iMerge Advisors has specialized in software m&a services for the small to midcap technololgy sector. In 2018, iMerge Advisors expects software m&a activity to increase due to the recent tax law...

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Valuation Multiples of SaaS Companies

Valuation Multiples for SaaS Companies Earlier this year a colleague at Scale Venture Partners, Andy Vitus, wrote an outstanding post on investing in software as service companies, specifically, valuation multiples for SaaS companies initial...

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Top M&A Advisors and M&A Advisory Firms by Sector

Top M&A Advisors, M&A Advisory Firms and Largest M&A Firms by Sector Business owners who have reviewed top m&a advisor firms  ( m and a advisory firm) over the past few years as part of their exit planning will note the growing trend of the...

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Business Valuation Methods

Business Valuation Methods Business valuation is a mix of art and science.  The use of various business valuation methods (detailed below) enable both buyers and sellers to draw conclusions based on mathematical calculations.  After all determining business value...

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